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Psykers who are about to face off against dragons would get shot with adrenaline and endorphins before battle. Because of the nature of psykers, they would be completely overtaken by dragon fear in close combat without the borrowed strength of drugs. Han thought of the various facts he learned during his stay in Ark.


"Everyone be quiet. The drill instructors are not our parents or teachers. Their jobs are to test us and make us fall into despair. The only people Ark seeks are those who are able to climb up from these situations."


"I'm not your drill instructor anymore. If there is a person who lives everyday angry, that person must have a personality disorder. A psycho. Don't you think?"


"…. Han convinced me. I will continue to receive treatment and training. When my condition recovers, I will transfer into third year. So please release those handcuffs."


A few of the members from the other squads that were thrown into fights against the enemy were injured. The youths who suffered gunshot wounds were trudging along as they hung on barely for their lives. .


"The second generation psycho frame. This is only a prototype, but we're in the middle of a test. This is the best gear that psykers could having while fighting against dragons. We noticed an intruder, but it was just you."

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Although he was cowardly and petty, there was no way a person who would cowardly abandon their peers would be able to make it past year one of Ark.


Han salute and exited the room. Han was able to extract a lot of information from this short meeting.


The Elu lived every day with experiments and various types of surgeries. Its eyes eventually became red, and gradually its temper skewed worse and worse. At the same time, its psychic skills proportionally grew stronger.


Kuro had great psychic talent. If it weren't for that, he would have been sent home long ago.


Han's eyes reflected the sun and seemed to shine brightly. The corner of his lips quirked up. He had honestly smiled for the first time since awhile.


"We might be criticized by the world, but we intend to train you guys into the strongest soldiers. If we are unable to win the coming war, humanity will become extinct. Nothing matters upon the face of death; only by living on would we be able to do anything. Don't you agree?"


He didn't care about how many injuries he would suffer, he just needed a skill which would give him the power to go on. His psychic powers seemed to have listened to his desire and evolved.



Schwartz agreed with Han. Elu hunters were one of the most cruel amongst all the Elu types. They enjoyed hunting, and kept trophies of their kills.



Project Ark had been founded for over six years now. The total amount of psykers that they managed to train was only about fifty.


The screen projected someone who looked no different than humans. It was just that their ears were pointed, their bodies skinny, and the sclera of their eyes had no irises to them.


They quickly learned basic military jargon and commands during this time. During afternoons, they were busy with psyker power training classes.

  • According to regulations, the different year students were not allowed to interact with one another. Han communicated his reason for visiting the first year area and continued forth. He was looking to have a meeting with Instructor Wei.
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