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The werewolf swung its arms, causing a deep gash in the tree. It let out a chaotic beaming gaze toward Han and Kijo while it glared on.


"Yes, we are on our way to Sinuiju right now. Our research department traced the remnants of whatever attacked our planes, and found that it should have been from a source one kilometer away from the dimensional crack. We speculate that it had been an Elu mage. We will capture the Elu mage alive and return to Ark."


Han felt chills. The blink skill was practically a cheat. On top of superior battle skills, he had the blink ability which made Silence into an extremely valuable psyker.


Han had experienced countless failures. Each time, he had to pay a terrible price for them. He has long been trained to not tolerate failure to his bones.


"This airplane will soon crash. We will jump out of the plane. I do not know what is awaiting us below. Join forces with a drill instructor you can find below, until then follow the manual to survive until backup forces arrive. The goal of today will be survival and returning to Ark. Move out."


To them, the food rations were not enough at all. They had to scavenge for food or steal food from other students. There were only two choices.

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The GPS switched off, and instead a static map that had been preinstalled popped up. Noise disrupted the communication devices.


Ark maintained their strict training methods. Instructor Wei had never been fond of this aspect. However, Ark did not teach youths to throw away their own humanity.


"Yes. The minions, more specifically the Elu mages are currently trying to reopen the dimensional gate. We stopped the opening last time, but they seemed to have prepared beforehand and they're dead set on opening the gate again. This means that we don't have much time left. The minion numbers are rising every day."


This was the hardest training for the children who had yet to fully mature. The drill instructors always shamelessly made unreasonable demands. It was an amount even adults would find tiring.


'I wonder if I obtained this unique skill because I wished for it so earnestly.'


"This child is significantly faster to understand the drill instructor's intent compared to the youths in his class. When the drill instructor's assign a task, the students normally only look to themselves. However, Han deciphers the drill instructor's thought process and the ultimate goal of the task, only following this point would he take any action. He has been the fastest student to adapt during the survival and mock battle drills. As shown during the sparring matches with Sergeant Red and Dimitri, he has high perseverance and mental strength. Even without formal military training, he has enough mental strength."


The other-dimensional wolf with thick, grey fur. These were the dragon army's minions and a legendary monster. A single werewolf was sprinting toward Han.



Kato asked while he approached Han. The battle field for the Aerial battle was tiny, and so the two squads would end up meeting for small talk before the battle.



Kato spoke to a few of his squad members. They had finished their training and were drinking sports drinks while taking a short break.


Class presidents were given bonus points that would be added to allow earlier transfers to the next class over. In turn, they had the responsibility of handling all the trifling matters. Each class already had a set of rules that had been formed naturally through time.


Modern weapons had been useful against the minions. Weapons made of dragon bones were made to be used with psychic powers. Against minions whose psychic powers were near nonexistent, modern weapons proved to be much more useful.

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