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All twenty bullets had hit the bull's-eye, even though it was his first time shooting a gun. His precision while moving was also fair. Jose, on the other hand, hit the bull's-eye fourteen out of twenty times.


Han blearily blinked his eyes. Han could see an afterimage of the Elu mage through the pillars of lights streaming out from the crack. The Elu mage didn't even imagine that someone would appear from behind them. It only focused on the enemies attacking from the front.


"Assemble by 10:00 at the take-off area. I have already sent the required uniforms and gear needed for the trip to your data bracelets. Following your shower and meals, it will be free period until then."


Overcoming the mental hurdle was the biggest problem of tapping into one's psychic powers. There were an infinite variety of different psykers and each person had their own unique method of manifesting their powers.


The fatigued youths mumbled. Only three minutes had passed, and in that short moment, they had been near death more times than they could possibly count.


'Why was it that only the third level didn't directly connect to the ground floor? The third level must have been a restricted zone.' Schwartz decided they must turn back. There were inconsistencies in their military operation. The researchers had purposely given them incorrect data. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

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The youths of Ark lived a very restricted life in Ark. As for sweets, they always had a short supply of sweets. This was inspector Rue's bribe to win over the youths.


They've even blocked out communication from the outside. Herald shook his head. Schwartz calmly took out a flashlight and looked at their map once again.


A burly looking boy among the class B students approached. He had a towering physique, as expected from a student from Siberia of Russia.


Instructor Wei poured some oolong tea for Han. Han cringed as the bitterness of the oolong tea hit his taste buds.


The students all took turns to spar against Kuro. Kuro always sported several bruises.


The sergeants talked highly of Simon. He had received top grades for all the courses, and most of all his results for psychic skills were top notch.


An empty plane without a pilot, a missile was attached below it. The missile was programmed to bomb the center of the fourth mock battle grounds.



The drill instructor ran to Kuro and began shouting. He shouted abusive words and screamed insults. The instructor roughly made Kuro stand on his feet.



It seemed a fist fight would break out any time now. The drill instructor glared to Kato. Kato stood in between the squad and Han.


Canute began to roar with laughter then immediately grasped his chest from the sheering pain from his injuries. Canute was plainly ecstatic.


Squad 9 searched forth using standard procedures. Squad 13 was surveying the trees in their surroundings. Squad leader Han was looking for a suitable tree.

  • Ever since the waves of aggression, Japan had remained fairly safe while China had such a large population that they were able to make a swift recovery.
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